Can we work with you virtually to launch an Amazon business using our proven strategies?

What you can expect:

  • Get your Amazon business started in as little as one week
  • Virtual hands on training that will take the guesswork and roadblocks out of launching your Amazon business
  • We are right there by your side virtually for the entire process

What is a Replen?

A replen is a product that a seller can sell over and over again and is easily replenishable to their inventory. 

Here's what we'll show you:

  • Two half days of shopping (4 hours each with your coach).  We will go through pictures that you take from the stores beforehand based on the guidelines we give you so you can learn the process and gain your first 50 replens. Many concepts translate easily to OA as well.
  • We will send you to 3 different stores minimum so you can get a feel for the process at different locations.
  • We will walk you through the entire process for how to prep and ship your items. We will show you how to prep your products, then once you are done we will stay on the call with you until the shipment is completely finished.
  • You will receive a complete checklist of everything you will need to have ready for the full week of training.
  • You will have an introductory call with your coach prior to the week of immersion to ensure everything is set up properly.
  • You will receive our $0 to $100k Training Course and full FB Group Access for future questions and scaling your business training.
  • You will receive full access to the Proven Amazon Course if you are not yet a student.
  • Membership in our private Facebook group where you can connect with Jimmy, Brittany, and other Replen Training members

Requirements for Candidates

  • Be able to travel to a main city with plenty of stores (Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Dollar Tree, etc.)  You don't need to live there but you will need to shop there.
  • Be physically able to shop for 6-8 hours and prep/ship the next day for 4-6 hours
  • Have $500 minimum for inventory purchase (preferably over $1,000)
  • Spend the money on the required supplies/software


Rich has been an excellent teacher! I have learned so much about the nuances of selling both replenishable OA/RA arbitrage and wholesale on Amazon. They have taught us all the essentials, but also the tricks to get the buy box more. One of the best skills they taught us is how not to panic when someone else tanks the price of an item and how to ride the price drop out. The principles they taught us and a reminder to be patient have helped us skyrocket our sales and, most importantly, our profits.

The highlight of the training was the in-person boot camp type training at their warehouse in Mesa, Arizona. I learned the best practices and “no-no’s” of sending packages into Amazon fulfillment centers and seeing in person the principles of fulfillment, organization of a warehouse, and a system of maximizing shipping fees. While there, I also learned the value of hiring employees and how building a team will help grow our business.

We started with literally no experience in the US Amazon marketplace, nor any basic knowledge and $0 in sales to $18,000 in sales in just three months. We have enjoyed a 25% margin, too, thanks to his help! Just as important as our skyrocketing sales, they have provided a foundation to make this a full-time career and not just a side-gig making small-time side-cash. We now have what it takes to make this a $1M, $5M, or even a $10M business by sticking to the concepts and principles they have taught.

I would recommend this amazing training to anyone serious about replacing their 9-5 job with a rewarding business of their own. You will enjoy both financial freedom and more time with your family!

Thank you, Rich, you’re the best!!

~ Byran B.

In December 2019, my oldest son was watching Youtube and got all excited about the concept of creating a website and drop shipping products.  Despite my skepticism, I reached out to an Alumni FaceBook group from West Point and received a handful of suggestions and guidance.  One of those suggestions was a referral to the My Silent Team FB group.  I joined the MST group and started by just reading lots of posts.  I learned a lot being a silent member of the group.  This included when people asked for help in how to handle situations with AMZ or customers, and the numerous success stories.  

Fast forward to March 2020, and I found out that our company was reducing everyone's salary across the board, and my cut would be 30%.  I completely understood the need for these cuts, but that doesn't help pay the mortgage.  So, my wife and I talked about it, and we decided we needed to go all-in trying to sell on Amazon.  Additionally, we decided the best way forward for us was the coaching program, to help reduce the learning curve time and hopefully prevent us from making costly mistakes.  

We signed up for coaching April 1st and we were assigned to Rich Potter who coached us on a hybrid model of Replens and wholesale. Our first sale was May 5, 2020.  Eight months to the day later, we hit $100k in sales, and Jan 2021 was our best month yet with $22.5K in sales at an average profit margin of 25%.  Almost all of our products are things that sell many many times a month.  Our mix of business is about 80% wholesale and 20% RA/OA.  We now have a profitable business that we can continue to grow.  If something happened to me, Michaela now has a business that she could run and manage without having to try and go get a corporate job.  

Still another positive result from this endeavor is that our kids are learning more about business than they would from any classes in school.  

To be honest, our business should be even bigger than it is, but when I got my salary back, I eased up on the gas pedal some and have been trying to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint.  

As of March 4th, 2021 -  10 months into the AMZ journey, we are right at $133k in total sales, with an average ROI of ~90%.  Profit margin averaged around 20-25%.

~ Jeff L.

What an opportunity!  A wealth of knowledge, all organized, taught, and presented with hands on practice all bundled in a few days. Rich and his crew are good at what they do and are eager to share their years of experience, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. They don’t hold back giving tips and tricks that have made their business so successful. 

The vibe they share is calm and engaging in the classroom setting. They are patient and answer any questions you have. We were able to research and find good, money-making products with them walking us through the process. I was able to source approximately $750 in monthly profit with 24 new Replens in just a couple hours on Replens day. On the last day of the training I also got approved for a new wholesale account that looks very promising.

We watched and learned behind the scenes in their very own warehouse. We learned to package and label real products and box and ship efficiently. We were walked through tried systems and software. We were given a list of where to find the best quality, but least expensive supplies to maximize our profit.

FIVE STARS and worth every penny invested.

~ Shannon P.

My husband and I started our Amazon business about six months ago. We have done some online training and have been off to a good start. I am so grateful I was able to attend the Wholesale Hybrid in-person workshop.  

This training program is all-encompassing and filled in all the gaps that I did not know existed in our business and processes. I now feel more empowered and ready to scale up our business. Being able to learn from experts in each aspect of the Amazon process has been invaluable. It was incredibly effective to see the complete process of running a successful Amazon business in person and in real-time. I find myself referring to what I learned and referencing the documents provided with the program daily.  

~ Megan B.

Rich & Shelley Potter

Rich & Shelley Potter ...

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